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The Sunrise Dinner Burrito

October 13, 2012
Dinner Burrito
Upon acquiring a pan and some oil: EGGS 🙂


2 Eggs

1 Tomato

2 Handfulls Frozen Peas

1 Handfull Chopped Carrots

3 Dashes Dried Parsley

4 Twists on Pepper Mill

3 Dashes Turmeric Powder

4 Dashes Granulated Garlic

4 Drops Hot Sauce (Tapitio in this example)

A Bit of Oil

1 Tortilla/Wrap


Pour some oil in a pan (saucepan, fry-pan, etc.).  When pan gets hot, add carrots.  Let cook and chop tomato.  When carrots start to become lighter, add rest of veg. Keep on hob till everything is cooked to your taste (some like their vegies more crunchy than others).  Take veg out and put in separate bowl.  Crack two eggs into pan and add all herb, spices, and hot sauce to taste. Run spatula (turner) along bottom of pan periodically to make sure eggs don’t stick; add oil if needed. When eggs are fairly cooked, add veg to pan and stir together.  When done, turn heat off and let pan sit for a minute, place tortilla over pan to steam.  When tortilla is steamed to your liking, fill with egg/veg mix, wrap, and eat.  Enjoy.  🙂

Makes 1 Burrito, plus a bit extra — or 2 not over-full 😉

*For vegans and those not partial to eggs, add herbs and spices to original oil.  Add some more veg if you’d like (bell pepper, onion, sweet corn, etc.).  Follow same instructions for tortilla steaming.


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