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Butternut Soup ala Coconut: Part 2 of the Butternut Duo

November 5, 2012

If you haven’t read Part 1, go there first, otherwise this might not make much sense. 🙂  Without further ado: Butternut soup, aka making soup with left-overs in the fridge.


The seasoned, roasted/baked half a squash sitting in the fridge (see above–or below, I suppose, if it’s post order)

Bread-sticks (if you want them) — We used Tesco bread-sticks — the kind you pop in the oven for a bit

Butter/margarine (for the bread-sticks)

About 15 turns on the pepper grinder (Note: when I say “pepper,” I mean black peppercorns)

1 tin coconut milk


*Note: For this, you’ll need a blender, so if you have  a hand-blender, great–continue on.  If you have a regular, standing blender, put everything in there, instead of a saucepan.  If you’ve access to neither and want to make this, I’d suggest mashing the chunks of butternut with a spoon into the side of the pan.  It’ll be lumpy, but it’ll be somewhat blended.

Scoop out squash like you did for the first part (i.e. with a spoon).  Put in a saucepan with the tin of coconut milk.  Blend squash and coconut milk.  Operating on the notion that  if you have a blender, you know how to use it, I will commence–remember to put the top on if you’re using a standing contraption.  If you’re using a hand-blender, keep it on a relatively low speed till the squash is mostly chopped to bits.  Add pepper to taste.  As you stir the soup, it gets thicker–be aware of this.

*Note: We found that the Rosemary gets a bit chewy when in soup, so if you desire, you can strain it through a sieve.  It wasn’t much an issue for me, but for some it is.

If you’re using bread-sticks, follow the directions on the packet.  The Tesco ones we got had an 8 min cook time.  Try to time it so both soup and bread/accompanying foodstuff are done at relatively the same time.  Serve with spread of choice, or dip in soup.  Both are quite tasty.  Enjoy 😀


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