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Tomato & Onion Pasta

November 6, 2012

Tomato & Onion Pasta

2 handfulls pasta (makes enough for two) — any kind works
Half an onion–cut width-wise so you get circles.
One or two tomatoes, depending on how tomato-y you like your pasta
Oil (I usually use olive)
5 shakes parsley
6-10 turns pepper

Note: If you have two pans, do steps together to save time and keep food hot.
Make the pasta: bring water to boil (tip: add a bit of oil to the water so pasta doesn’t stick together), add pasta (add a bit of salt if you like), and stir occasionally till it is done.
Set aside.
Add oil and spices to pan, heat.
Add tomato and onion, stirring till done to satisfaction.
Add pasta to pan and fold together.
Let pasta heat a bit more (i.e. till you’re happy with it).
Take off heat and add some mire oil if you’d like.
Plate and enjoy đŸ™‚


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