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Veg Stew and Burger on Noodles

November 12, 2012

Veg Stew and Burger on Noodles

Hi everyone.  So for this, I made a veg stew which, sadly, was not photographed.  I will, however attempt to recreate the recipe in another post.  For now suffice to say the several-day-old left overs in the fridge needed using and I was hungry.  It was quite tasty though.  Without further ado:


Pasta (I used instant noodles)

Veg stew (or meat, I suppose, if you fancy it)  *Link to veg stew recipe coming soon

1 burger patty (I added it for added protein)


Make up pasta.  For the one I used, this involved sticking it in a bowl, pouring hot water on it, and stirring occasionally.  Admittedly, not the best thing ever, but it was edible and I needed to work on a paper.  Put stew over pasta — if it’s been sitting in the fridge for a day or two, I suggest warming it up a bit.  It’s not bad cold, but it’s better hot.  Follow the directions on the burger box/bag/etc.  For best results, I bake it in the oven (it usually says 20-25 min at 200°C).  Cut up the patty and place on top of the stew.

*I’d suggest eating it fast (at least the burger parts), as the water in the stew makes the crunchy burger bits a bit squishy.  Not my favorite texture, it has to be said.

It might not sound all that appetizing, but it works rather well.

Enjoy. 😉


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