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The 8 Most Nutrient Dense Foods on Earth

November 16, 2012

The 8 Most Nutrient Dense Foods on Earth

I can’t really vouch for kale, as I’ve not had much exposure to it, as explained previously, but the others are quite palatable.

1. Spirulina:  Quite good, especially with chocolate.  By itself, it tastes a bit like grass, if I’m honest, but then it’s algae, so it’s understandable.

2. Kale:  I refer you above.

3. Hemp Seeds:   Quite tasty by themselves, in salad, on  burger… however, really.  They taste good, are fantastic for you, and you have the added benefit of weirding out any uptight people who might see you with a bag/box with cannabis leaves on it–at least some brands do (others are boring and just say Hemp).

4. Chocolate: Remember #1?  Yeah.  Both are great for you.  This is not to say you now have an excuse for sitting on the couch, eating a giant Hershey bar.   1: moderation, seriously.  2: I and most naturopathic medical people don’t really count Hershey as “chocolate,” per say.  it’s more the 75% and above (generally that which does not have milk as a component).  This is fine for me, as I can’t eat the milk ones and actually like dark chocolate, but if it’s an issue for you and you still want the choco-goodness, try experimenting with it.  Some really interesting foods use dark chocolate–either bakers (bar for or powder), or cacao nibs.  *If you have nibs, I’d suggest grinding them.  A mortar and pestle works well.

5. Broccoli: I know there are some who seem to have a pathological fear of green veg.  If you’re here, I’ll assume you’re not one of them.  I’m an anthropologist, so I really shouldn’t assume, but really.  That being said, Broccoli is yummy.  I’m not much a fan of it raw, but cooked up for a bit in a bit, it’s quite nice.  Either steamed or cooked in a skillet work well. A (little) bit of soy sauce makes the broccoli’s innate flavour stand out more than it would otherwise, too.

6. Spinach: Not a fan of it cooked.  Raw, however, it’s very good in salads, sandwiches, on burgers, by itself, etc.  Advice: use it like lettuce.

7. Chia:  Same instructions as Hemp seed, above.  It’s known to help alleviate hunger cravings too, so if you’re trying to lose weight, sprinkle some of this on whatever you’re eating–it might help fill you up a bit more.  *Especially true if you’re eating salad.  You can put it in sandwiches as well.

8. Berries:  Always tasty.  Just make sure they’re ripe when you eat them.  Some are a bit poisonous when not ripe, others just taste bad.


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