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Slightly Stewed Veg

February 25, 2013

Well, I remembered the pea shoots this time — they’re quite tasty on their own and I’ll be doing a snack recipe featuring their raw selves a bit later, probably in the next few days.  They definitely add a distinctive pea flavour to the dish — quite nice.  These were a gift from the fabulous Emma and were likewise part of the weekly fridge cleaning.  Also why this recipe features an entire head of broccoli and half a punnet of mushrooms.  If it strikes your fancy, this could also be used as a topping for pasta, or baked into a jacket potato.  That will likely be tomorrow’s foray.




Oil (sunflower) — enough to coat the pan’s base

1/2 tsp Malt Vinegar

1 tsp Soy Sauce

Herbs and Spices: Oregano, Basil, Parsley, granulated Garlic, Ground Black Pepper, a dash of Sea Salt

One head of Broccoli — separate the florets (for larger ones, cut length-wise)

1/2 an Onion (Red) — diced

1 handful frozen Peas — fresh would work too

1 tin Black Beans (drained/washed) — re-hydrated is fine too

2 Tomatoes — diced or chopped

2 (veg)sausages — once cooked, cut into 1 cm-wide pieces

5 mushrooms — diced

1 handful Pea Shoots and associated Tendrils — cut into 1-2 cm strips

Water (from the kettle, as needed)


Heat the pan/pot, adding the Oil, Vinegar, Soy Sauce, and Herb & Spice mix.  Let this sit while you prep the other ingredients — as you are preparing the veg, cook the sausages.  For this exercise, I baked them in the oven at 200°C for 15 min.  As the sausages are baking, add the veg to the pan as it is prepared.  The order does not exactly matter, but I would suggest either those with higher water content (tomatoes and mushrooms) or those usually taking longer to cook (broccoli and onion) first, depending on your preference.  I added the veg in order of tomato, mushroom, onion, broccoli in case you were curious.  Also, in order to help it cook easier, I would add some water at this juncture.  Stir occasionally.  Once the sausage is cooked and cut, add to the pot and stir in.  Once the veg is cooked as you like it (I would test the broccoli, as it is the toughest) [probably about 5-6 min after adding the sausage], add the cut pea shoots.  As the shoots will wilt rather swiftly, add them at the very end, letting the pan sit on the heat for 1 or 2 min while stirring them in.  You may wish to pair this with a roll as pictured above.  Enjoy 🙂

[Note: This is likely to produce four servings.]


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