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Making Smash Veganly Edible in 5 Minutes or Less

March 24, 2013

I am sure we’ve all been there. It’s 10pm, you’re tired. You’ve just got in from revising in the library, a jaunt to the gym, or in my case a dance performance. You’re in need of food and you need it five minutes ago. Going through the cupboard, you find the remains of a Smash packet and dried pasta. Well… You’ve also a spice rack. Now, depending on what you’ve on hand, his recipe changes, but what I tried turned out quite good.


First, pour the smash into a heat-resistant bowl (ceramic is my go to). Add seasonings. I used he following (about 3-4 dashes each, and all in dried form): parsley, oregano, basil, chili flakes, granulated garlic, black pepper [5 twists-my mill’s a bit empty so it takes slightly more work],  a quarter handfull of whole rosemary leaves, three dashes turmeric, hree dashes sea salt. Then add a bit of agave nectar and a few spoonfulls of chia seeds (if on hand, obviously).

Next, comes the hummus. It probably works just as well with regular hummus or tzatziki, depending on preferance and ingredient availability, but I had some red pepper hummus on hand so used that. You want to take a good spoonful for the mix.

At this point, you should have everything in the bowl, as shown above. Next, you just need to add the hot water from the kettle you set to boil at he start of the whole process. DO NOT just dump water in. Gradually stir in the hot water until it gets to a consistancy you’re happy with.
Enjoy 🙂


For added texture (and because it was the last of the bag, I added some relatively crushed tortilla chips to mine as well.




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